Life though…!! 

what the heck is wrong with me?? ”I looked at the exasperated me sigh helplessly at the account of all that’s been inundating what seemed to be my peace of mind… 

Then the first annoying thing I run into is a pile of whatsapp chats that need my attention!!I almost roll my eyes at this and slam the door I forgot to close on my way into my house… 

So home,Sound and safe – if the inversion makes it better aaagh! … Piles of this and that,that didn’t work out well… Run through my school work, can’t help notice the DRASTIC 😑 drop in my grades and I won’t even dare mention that I got nothing out of the last lecture because all I was thinking about is my lunch…( *bites a lip*)

So about my lunch… 

Flip through the last coins in my pocket and throw them over the counter to the cashier… Place an order that’s almost hilarious,well to  them… 

you taking that alone?? ”I’m almost embarrassed by the question that almost seems like disbelief to my friends… So I reach out for the last coin in my pocket and before I can throw it off angrily, my friend reaches out and smiles in assurance… “I  got your back 😊😊”She pays. 

Embarrassed by this whole ordeal.. We walk to our table ..and I’m probably thinking to myself 

why dont I just choke on this food and die.. Atleast with all the surprises life is pelting at me I’m sure someone will cry at my sudden demise… Gave no red lights!! ”

What chokes me ain’t even the food I’m chewing in some calculated munches,, it’s the tears that I can hardly hold back… I mean, one time life throws something at you, hits your head.. Before you can rub it off, puff!! You just tripped and fell and while you’re atleast trying to get up -life punches you hard in the stomach…!! Gosh!! I need some air..!! 

Anyway… That’s life, if you gotta keep your mouth agape at all the surprises it hits you with… You better be ready for a handful of them… It will never stop… 

Just when things start working your way, life has all the possible ways to show you that you don’t have it all worked out… 

But hey that’s okay… School seems hard, well yes… That’s till I understood that the word studying had to be derived from ‘students dying’

And sometimes being broke isn’t really being broke.. You’re just pre rich 😂😂😂…

Hm!life though… 


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