Glorious ..!

I woke up to the sound of David Archuleta....sure has made my morning.

Found myself caught up in his notes and chords,lol..if that makes me sound musical.I mean, isn’t it mean when someone  would balatantly tell me that I don’t have musical ears?? They should probably  be reading this.

 Found myself curled up around my knees, cold hard ground,a mug of coffee preferably hot and white and some visible warm mouthmist to warm up my hands… Then this chilling truth about the universe and the laws of the land suddenly caves in right down through my spine… 

Got me thinking about the many times life’s had to put up a charade of that Prince Charming who buys me a bunch of flowers and chocolate bars and then one evening he goes to his knees and before he can even pop the question, I’m up here screaming  yeeeeeeeeees! 

One,two months down the line.. Everything is perfect, happy couple ,we look cute together, aaaw!… That’s what you say everytime you see us walk by holding hands in the street right?? 😀😀Must be the IT thing I know… 

Here’s the deal… 

Life will be that perfect friend sometimes and you’ll  feel like everything is just how it should be. Friends coming over, going out, live in the most Porsche house… Doesn’t have to be Porsche but atleast you’re happy… And that’s when you’d probably go against anyone who comes up with this cliché that life ain’t no crystal stair ,Right?? But remember  you were young and naive and in love when life popped up that almost complete question and you just couldn’t  let it finish the sentence .That’s what they call living in the moment 😊😊..

An year down the line,, your Prince Charming comes home late, doesn’t pick up calls anymore… They think you nag them… Now things are falling apart yes?? Of course, it was for better for worse till death do You apart…


 Now you know life ain’t all that perfect and all yes… But hey, the reason  why the universe will work against you or for you is because it’s parts of the expedition ! Simple… 

There’ll be storms, icebergs and tides rising… But everyone will wave you off, Bon Voyage 😃😃

So here’s the thing… 

  • There are times when 
  • You might feel aimless ,
  • And can’t see the places 
  • Where you belong ,
  • But you will find that 
  • There is a purpose,
  • It’s been there within you 
  • All along 
  • And when you’re near it,you’ll hear it.

Life will push you hard till your canoe is afloat, ready to sail through whatever currents because there’s a PURPOSE and you’re part of something bigger than yourself… 

It’s more like adventure… Sinbad, or Peterpan,or Tintin Or Mr Peabody and Sherman,Beauty and the beast maybe ….just  that, life isnt animated. 

Sometimes it’s about the choices we make that define us.. See, We don’t live in times, we live in moments and sometimes it’s not what is in your pocket that matters, it’s what is in your heart that truly matters… 

“It’s like a symphony

Just keep listening

And pretty soon you’ll start

To figure out your part

Everyone plays a piece

And there are melodies

In each one of us

Oohhh it’s glorious”



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