The great trek 

If there’s a time I’ve felt like I’ve done anything new with myself, it’s today… Thanks to this awesome people… 

I couldn’t get my eyes shut without sharing our version of events… The Amazing race


A journey of a thousand miles.. 

Well, it better started with making our way to MaMa… What now??  Mamaland, they say.. Haha… And whispers of ‘Ongeeni polepole group two isijue njia Ní gani’…Mean! 

To taking selfies with strangers… 

It took so long to convince random people to do this… Probably juu tumegrow up na that notion ya kuambiwa ati wazungu wakitupiga picha wanaendanga kuuza,,,, Kenyans Though!!! 

And the random clues… 

Cynthia was right to complain about our map though,, I can almost count the number of times we ran into ‘No way through here’ signs.This is probably where people like Cindy totally disappeared…Lol, now that reminds me of that singer that goes like “Tulianza na Roho,tulianza na Roho, tukamalizia na mwili kwa nini?? ”😂😂😂

To career paths… 

Heeeee, sasa ustakejua what went down here. Mazeeee, part of the tasks was to help those touts at Engen Stage fill up buses with passengers…Yaani, this is where the hustle for bei ya unga imetufikisha.It was an awesome experience though… Lakini Si rahisi!! 

Mmoja Wa haraka!Tao 50/- Bob! Mmoja ameoga! ” Indeed, tulijaza gari…😂😂 Mazeeee Hadi tukafukuzwa na makanga Wa Mat ati tunawaharibia kazi juu nganya pekee ndio ilkua Inajaa…!!

You shall walk and not grow weary… 

This came true for us… All the Waaaaay,hadi Ndiani…Hapa ndio Nyenzo alkua anatuambia ati we suspend ourselves kwa Hewa,,who does that??? Brathe radi yako njo imemaliza kukula Matoke kisii inafanya warm up ikuje …!!!😈😈

And then this is where everything closes with Bazokizo… Na sgwembe!! 

Teamwork is everything. We all need someone, and yes, that’s true. Every single person in your life has a piece to play… 

And you will know how

To let it ring out

As you discover

Who you are

Others around you

Will start to wake up

To the sounds that are

In their hearts

It’s so amazing

What we’re all creating….!!!



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