Witty Wednesdays ..

Feelings are good, like really good! BUT NOT NECESSARY ”

Wait, did I actually say that? Lol… I look at the girl staring back at me on the mirror  and smile for a while before I pose again and go like,, “how on earth did I even get here?! ”

Well yes… You heard me right… And now this is where I  disagree, like absolutely… With whomever came up with that cliché of the heart wants what it wants…  

Here is why…. Well, you can disagree if you want to buuuut I actually think that you can choose who you want to love… 

I mean, it’s normal to be the girl or guy who holds on a little too long when things are not working out right but that doesn’t mean that you have to stay… The rubber must hit the road… 

“But I think he loves me ”,Giiiiiirlssss??? Y’all need to grow up and know when it’s time to say enough is enough… Simply because he says he does doesn’t mean he does.. 

People just have a way of making you believe what they want you to… They’ll tell you the words you need to hear and buy you your favorite flowers and guys, that girl gon’ buy you that vintage sweater with your dopest logo BUT hey, WAKE UP!! The heart may want what it wants buuuut, you choose who to love… 

Is this the guy or girl you wanna spend your life with?? Are you gonna stomach the pain because he tells you to grow up?? Will you bend till you break because she said you’re not man enough?? Wait, why you even here in the first place?? 

If you’re not sure about it I think it’s time you took a hike…!! 

Feelings feel really nice buuuut, never let what you feel keep you from seeing the way things really are.. .Oh, and another thing, if your feelings don’t follow God’s word-you need to duck… 

I have been reading some book, When God writes your love story ..oh yes, I know that sounds insane now…. Buuuut,For a minute hear God out;

 You continue to get your heart broken because you are holding the pen of your life and trying to write your own story. I am The Author of true love. I am the Creator of romance. I know your heart’s every desire. I want to script a beautiful tale just for you, but first you must give the pen to Me. You must let Me become the Center of your existence. You must let Me have total control of your love life, and every other area of your life as well.

Its that simple… 

Most times we end up setting for less because that’s what we really deserve… You settle for what you deserve!! 😊😊but if you’re wondering if you deserve better, yes! YOU ACTUALLY DO…!!! 


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