Some Friday love.. 

“God will first have to fix you before He can use you, but you’re never too broken to be used by God”    



I actually found that exciting! And intriguing at the same time…!! It almost sounds like crowder in the song come as you are… 
We’ve all probably had our times, dark enough to even let anyone have a glimpse buuuut hey! ITS OKAY 

#The irony… 

Then now with all His beauty and splendor and majesty… God’s seen the tiny sobs that get you to slumber, the heartache, hating yourself for never being the dumper in your last relationship, the blames you’ve laid up on yourself…. Oh, He knows you lied again yesterday while you’d sworn on your life and said you wouldn’t repeat it again… Buuuut, guess what??? He’s not even bothered by that… I almost chuckle at that and I’m like, ‘So how come nothing catches you by surprise? ’Someone tell me yoh getting the beauty of that… Lol

Yes, He’s rising from His throne and I can almost feel the shatter of my inner organs as they dance to the sound of Heaven… Then He whispers, “I have come so that you can have life and have it in abundance ”

I’m sure all that’s crossing in your mind is all the things you did yesterday… You lied, stole, fornicated, murdered…. AGAIN!! Guess what???? He tenderly whispers, ‘The old is gone and the new has come ’

#stuck in denial 

For a second all this inundates me… 

While He had every reason to stay on His throne and probably have to eat the best food… Wine and dine… I mean, imagine how a Prince William is treated… Servants everywhere and he only needs to snap a finger for the entire nation to fall at his feet… Then now, our own King Jesus… He decides to come down, live in some streets of Nazareth… I mean, that’s like more of how Maddona put it when she came to Kenya… And depicted us as some poor and starved beings… You know! He became flesh and dwelt among us… And damn, for a minute this Man Jesus didn’t have to file reports and send them back to His dad that ‘Guess what paps?? today I healed a blind beggar… Those guys were starving,i fed like 5000 of them …Uuhhm dad, I think I just killed 2000 pigs ’cause I exorcised the gerassene demoniac…. ”Get wharramsaying?? This guy wasn’t up and about for some accolades because He was the most renowned charity Organization …! Oh yes, I said that right… Because Himself, He was the organization… All these things proceeded from Him… 

Jeez!! I’ve actually deviated from whatever I wanted to talk about… But either way… This guy had to STEP DOWN for a minute because he wanted you to  STEP UP …

And again today… He’s calling us to go before His just as we are… Broken and wounded ,to be mended and healed,Guilty to be pardoned… And empty,to be filled…!! 

What greater love is there than a man laying down His life on the cross…!!! 


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