Some littu change.. 

When the year begun, I wasn’t sure I was gonna make through the first month; leave alone the first half…. 

And that’s because…. It found me out in the streets, wild and loud… On something, this is what Shamala calls pombe Mwitu  and fireworks lighting up the sky with loud audio messages to wish people a happy new year …..but!!! Well, story for another day… Yes! Then someone pickpocketed my phone… Huuuuu!!! Nothing  changes a heartbeat than the realization that your phone is missing… 

Anyways… The beginning wasn’t all that good… Reality checked in a couple of times and left me feeling miserable ….but here’s the intriguing part… I  just woke up one day and decided that I didn’t want to feel like this anymore or ever again, so I changed —I had lots of excuses for not being able to change but at the end of the day, they were just excuses. Being able to change starts with your decision to change… 

#Time to grow up!! 

Going out on Friday nights and driving down highways and taking shots with random friends was no longer fun… I needed to grow up, have some decency and atleast respect myself enough to know that I had a higher calling…. That was just the beginning… 

#losing a couple of friends.. 

I personally think that your environment influences alot of who you are or rather, who you become… 

1Cor 15:33 –Bad company corrupts good morals… 

Now this was my point of separation… I’d say it came with alot of breaking up with people I was never even in a relationship with… I mean, separation is painful… But hey, you start living the day you step out of your comfort zone… 

Well, it wasn’t easy at first but right now I can look back at it and say it was one of the best decisions I made… 

Sometimes you gotta lose a couple of wrong people to find the right ones…. 
Just when about everything seems to be falling apart, the bigger picture is that it’s actually falling in place..

Close your eyes.. Breathe again! What’s gonna be left of the world if you’re not in it…?? 

Yes, you’ve always worn yoh flaws upon your sleeve.. Yoh not perfect! 




Author: Unspoken spree

Silent whispers

3 thoughts on “Some littu change.. ”

  1. hey! I agree…. losing people can be hard. It also happens when you have a different behavior from everyone else especially when you’re sure of what you want other factors come in also… but as you said it leads to meeting the right people!! 🙂

    (watching myself not to add a second post here haha)

    go girl! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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