Witty Wednesdays 

I was gonna take over the world today, buuuut… I OVERSLEPT!!! POSTPONED, AGAIN! 

Oh now- I could almost hear Daughtry in his hit song ,Superman ..

“Yeah, he’s still coming, just a little bit late”
He got stuck at the Five and Dime saving the day”
She says “If life was a movie, then it wouldn’t end like this”
Left without a kiss”….

For a moment it got me thinking about superheroes and everything… Wait, who’s a hero anyway??? Well… Maybe Superman,Batman perhaps ….that’s what the world got me thinking… 
Anyway… Come to think of it.. We always want to award accolades everytime people want to know of our All time Heros…the thought of ‘who’s really my hero’  struck me in bed and left me staring at an empty ceiling… And see, being up late again simply meant I wasn’t going to take over the world, i keep postponing… 

You see, sometimes being a hero doesn’t mean the world will know your name.. Or anything like a hall of fame… Noooo!!And.. Superman won’t always be there to save the day .

But here’s the real deal – to have a hero, I believe you must be a hero yourself…  Funny enough, when 70% of us would give their Heros – lists would compose a thousand of the worlds most renowned persons… But come to think of it, we don’t even have a personal connecting thread with the persons… 

Being a hero starts with you.. And probably the reason I couldn’t fathom out who out there really fitted for a hero is because it’s profound impact on yourself through other people that would keep you going… Nobody is going to be strong for you… Nobody will jump buildings and have you flying through skies to save you…. Buuuut take this home, you’re the strongest being there can ever be… If you survived yesterday’s pain then you got all it takes to scream through any seething pain and tell yourself you will make it again.. 

It’s not about who did what and what… It starts with you… 

And don’t get me wrong, I’m really not disqualifying the fact that we can have Heros out there… Buuuut, the question is what have you done?? Just by yourself?? 

Have you survived long teary nights?? Have you atleast hanged in there when everyone would understand if you gave up?? Have you gone out of your way to put your life on the line for someone you love?? 

It’s just as simple as it is… It’s the simple things we do that touch hearts… 

Have you loved and lost??  Damn, you’re a hero… You made someone smile and feel as if their entire world revolved around you… 

I wish  I had someone Pop up everytime I thought of a Hero… It always keeps me going out of my mind to see if there’s one… And that’s not because I’m selfish… It’s simply because I think I’ve endured every pain, and teary  laughter…and all those moments you have to force a smile and act as if everything is going on just perfectly, but deep down – you’re breaking… It’s about all those times I’ve been mad at myself for not being able to change a couple of things and going out of my way to ask God for direction…  

It’s about all those times someone has told me that I’m the best damn thing that has ever happened to their lives…. 

It’s about all the  silly little things we’ve all done for love, atleast once in our lives…. 

It’s all about all those times the people that made you laugh until tears come out, turn to make you cry but you still tell them you love them and you won’t give up on them… 

It’s more of all the times I’ve spent the night cramming formulas for my exams but when the results are out, I’m below my expectations… But still going back to get it right again… 

I dunno if that’s enough to make me a hero to you, but to myself….. Giiiiiirl,yeeees!!I’m a superhero…. 

But again, this is not about me… It’s about you… What have you done?? 

Here’s to all the strong people out there…!!! 

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