Woke up feeling like I could sidewalk on all the memories… Then call it a wrap just when I’m on the other side… Curled up on the edge of my couch, baggy sweater, some warm cup of coffee…. I dunno  A perfect description of a Monday morning!! But I know what I’d call this one…. LOVE!!! 

Nothing feels right like some Monday love.. When everyone’s  up cursing… Monday blues!!! Oh, sorry folks!! Yoh on your own today… Haha 

Isn’t it interesting how life unfolds?? One moment you’re stuck at the five and dime like Superman saving the day and the other minute you’re curled up in some warm snuggly covers… Or maybe at the gazebo… Even better, watching the sun set in the spaces of your hands clipped together and whispering I love you… 

 Life’s beautiful… But we’d rather be stuck on all the bad times, how sad!! We got a million things to atleast say thank you for… Someone else would give their life to put up a smile on their face like you… 

Can we for a minute sidewalk on all the sad memories and bad times?? Can you just say a simple hello  to the guy who mows your lawn?? And just a simple I love you to the one person who hasn’t given up on you yet??

Take a moment… Even just a minute… Appreciate life for what it is.. Whether it has been bad or whatever… You start living the day you choose to!!! 

Tell someone you love them, even if it’s you… Buy someone flowers,or chocolate bars,take a moment and smile, something! Anything! ….. Just someone -because that someone could be you… 


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