Are you happy?? 

I’ve had moments I’m up feeling like crap and at times, the feeling is unfathomable… 

Am I happy with myself?? ”

If the description of happiness according to these times is a one day thing or a flow in the moment… Then No!!I’m not happy… There must be another name.. 

But what is this happy- business humanity is in search of?? 

A car?a relationship?? Wealth?? Fame??…. What??? 

There is one thing I believe… That happiness is never found, it’s always around the corner… Happiness is not a destination!! 

People have had the notion that, being happy is dictated by the events and people in our lives… And that’s where we get it wrong… 

Happiness Springs forth from you,, search deep within… Are you happy with yourself??! 

This is why… If you’re not happy with yourself,, nobody else is gonna make you happy… ‘Cause if you depend on what people say to you, to give you a feeling  -then you’ll always be disappointed… They say, charity begins at home… 

And sometimes… it’s not about what we have in life that makes us happy… it’s all about accepting that, this is what life has given me… It’s more of finding yourself In those lost moments of your life, where you feel as though nobody really understands you or what you’re going through… 

Happiness to me is being able to wake up and know that I’m at my worst, at my breaking point …but I can still smile and say that I wanna see what tomorrow holds… 

It’s not about tossing and turning to the smell of the one person who makes your heart beat so fast… You know,the world has made it seem like we’re a bunch of humans drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness… But hey, I’ll tell you this;  Never put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket.. 

To be happy… You gotta find happiness in yourself ..
I’ve come around this part of scripture that says; To him who gives, more is added… I know you’re probably wondering what that has to do with happiness… But here is the point… If you’re not happy from deep within, then you cannot give happiness to other people. Instead, you spread your negative energy and become a garbage truck running around with bags of disappointment ,anger,frustration and bitterness… Then, you’ll always want to dump it on people… 

Happiness is a journey… Loving yourself through all the mistakes you’ve made and becoming better each day.. That way, the love Springs forth to other people… It’s easy to give without loving.. But, you can never love without giving.. ..“For God so loved the world that He gave…” And after that, I’m sure He looked down and smiled… He must have been so happy… 

Happiness has an aspect of love… Love for humanity ,for self… 

Someone wronged you?? Let it go.. Because it’s not until you learn to forgive ,that you’ll learn to love… 

People don’t like you?? 

You don’t have to try so hard.. You don’t have to give it all away… You just have get up.You don’t have to change a single thing…. Yes, you don’t have to bend until you break …

Be happy with who you are first, the rest will catch up with you… After all, 50% will love you.. And the rest hate you (for no good reason) 



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