Hit your mark… 

There are times you’ll feel lost… But God has a way out… Only if you hand Him the pen and let Him script your story, only if you get out of the way and allow His power to go ahead of you and part the waters… Only if you let Him pour out Himself to you… 

_It is pointless to ask God for direction if you are not willing to move your feet. Every breakthrough and every success story is the combination of divine power and human effort. 

God brought manna to Israel but He didn’t make it fall inside their tents, neither did God pick it up and chew it for them. (Exodus 16) No amount of praying or fasting could replace Israel’s need for decision-making and decisive action. Each Israelite had to get up early in the morning, find containers and gather enough manna for the day.

 God will never do for you anything that He’s already given you the strength to do. God wants to bless you financially but you have to getup every morning and work diligently and faithfully. 

God wants to bless you with a child but you have to endure the nine long arduous months of pregnancy. God wants to bless you with a virtuous wife or loving husband but you must get out of your comfort zone, sacrifice comfort and convenience, open your heart to love and be loved, invest time in the relationship, lose a few friends and disappoint some family members along the way. Just because it is from God doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. 

God gave Israel the Promised Land but they had to walk through the desert, cross seas and flooded rivers, and fight and kill for it. Whatever it is that you’ve been praying for, God might’ve already said yes. But it won’t fall on your lap without your effort and action. After claiming it in prayer you must get up and take it by force. 

Birds are born to fly, not withstanding the law of gravity. Fish are born to swim, not withstanding the principle of floatation. 

Every child of God is born to win the battles of life, regardless of all obstacles and challenges. Whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world. 

No two birds have ever collided in the sky, which means there’s more space for all of them. You don’t need to pull your neighbor down to succeed. Pulling someone down does not necessarily mean you will go up! There is more than enough space and resources for us all to be the best that God wants us to be. Blessings to you all.

Happy New month!! 



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