Rules Vs Love

Well,how far is too far?? ”

More than a  million times I’ve found myself stuck on that question, and I know most of us too have found themselves asking the same thing… How far is too far, as long as relationships are involved?? 

I’ve probably read many articles such as 10 ways to keep your relationship glowing, 5 signs to know that they’re into you, Basics of Godly dating and so on… All the more reason to believe that those are just rules preset in our human minds, psychology and intelligence… Buuuut now, how far is too far as far as Godly dating is involved?? 

We’ve all grown with these two mindsets on relationships; 

  1. Don’t have sex till marriage 
  2. Only date Christian guys who have the same beliefs as 1

Ahaaaa! Then now goes the profound saying, that rules are meant to be broken.. 

I’m sure we’ve all gotten to that point that in as much as we know those two rules, we always have it recurring at the back of our minds… How far can I go??Is kissing okay?? and all that, yes?? And basically, in other words this question is really a code for asking “How much can I get away with and not get God mad?? ” Rather we should be asking ourselves “How far can I possibly go to bring joy to the heart of my heavenly Father in this area of my life?”
I happened to stumble across  this book when God writes your love story and the first thing I thought, “what business does God even have with writing fairy tales? «it almost felt like I was reading one of those Cinderella happily ever after stories  but no, this was so much different in so many ways. 

More than anything, God wants to be involved with so many Areas in our lives. Infact, He wants to be involved in ALL areas of our lives. 

So now it got me wondering,  how far is too far as far as dating is involved.. Is this about the many rules I’ve read?? And the many relationship goals everyone Spends their whole life crafting?? 

#love predates law

Don’t settle for a formula. If you’re ready for an unforgettable earthly romance, start by discovering the joy of an intimate daily romance with the king of kings. When you truly know Him like that ,you’ll never again ask the question “How far is too far? ”

 Romans 8:3 -For God has done what the law, weakened by the flesh, could not do; sending His son in the likeness of sinful flesh….

Guys,that right there was love…!! And rules Wont save you from temptations ,love will… 

If you passionately love God, His interests become yours too. You start loving what He loves and hating what He hates too… 

It is easy to do something out of love and not law.. After all, we all hate rules.. We’re always finding new ways to break them and make them fit into our perception. 

We need to get to that point of building our lives around God and not trying to fit Him into our lives..! 

#Giving God the pen

I could almost hear Sinach echo “you provide the fire, I’ll provide the sacrifice… 

God is more than willing to lead in every part of your life,  but we need to be willing to follow and trust that His way is perfect .When we ask God for direction, we need to move our feet towards the path He has set out for us!

“I had been trying to make sense out of this area of my life for so long, and I had felt the pressure of figuring everything out for myself “What if I marry the wrong person? What if I never meet the right guy? How will I know who the right one is? What if I make a mistake and ruin my whole life? ”

But here’s the real deal, let God take the shots!!!! 

Let God hold the pen and write your story.. It’s getting to acknowledge the fact that we should build our lives around Him and not building Him into our lives…! It’s passionately seeking Him… And not trying to suggest synonyms we think He should use in His writings… It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be fun!! 

It’s a journey of finding God and finding yourself In Him… Only then, can you find others to tag along !!



  1. I really resonate with what you’ve written here. I was asking many of the same questions before I got married. I’ll be honest and say I had a little falling out with God and because of that, I didn’t always make the best choices. In the process though I learned that our relationship successes and failures don’t ultimately depend on us. Yes, we have a big influence on them and our actions do have consequences (sometimes very serious ones), but God works in the midst of that. His grace is sufficient even when we fail and he continues to give us good gifts even if we take things too far. Even though I failed in so many ways with my first boyfriend (and also with the man that is now my husband), God didn’t hold that against me. It didn’t ruin my life. There were consequences, but God was at work in the situation. You’re right in that it’s more about love than about rules. If you don’t have the heart for God, rules are always going to fail in the heat of the moment. Even if that happens though, God’s grace is still there at work.

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