If I’d say sorry…!! 

I missed that beautiful resounding of pages cluttering, sitting by my table with a mug of coffee early in the morning ;bitting a lip and trying to fathom what I’d write next… And after a long break (like a month now?) I’m back…. 
Let’s see… What have I missed out??  Wait, we can still have it the  other way round and throw the ball in your court, what have you missed out?? Well, I haven’t been upto much apart from school and friends (just so you know,, I got this awesome fam) lol, just thought I should put it out there… 

Anyway… With all that recap,,, I woke up feeling like most times we really never take time to look around and appreciate the people in our lives, and if we do that’s because they’ve done something alittu extra (bought your fav PS game, got you the latest album of yoh fav artist and for girls, maybe a bunch of yoh fav white chocolate… And so on) 

And today, how ‘bouh we just take 10 minutes or less to just reflect on all the amazing people life has brought our way?? And not just that, how bouh we say sorry for all the times we’ve hurt them knowingly or unknowingly?? 

Never take for granted anyone that genuinely comes into your life and opens their heart to you… That’s a treasure!! 

So, dear friend… If you’re reading this ;

I’m sorry for all  the times I’ve been a pain in the neck.. For all the times we fight and yell at each other, for the times I wake up and don’t feel like talking to you… I’m sorry for never seeing how much you try to understand me… But above it all,, I have never loved you any less… 

If I was to make a wish… I’d wish that you see yourself through my eyes and only then, would you know how special you are to me… 


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