Hey 🙋I missed you

“i love you…”

“Thank you!!!”

I know it sounds so mean but I’m sorry ,what more did you expect ?I’m sorry its not mutual and if it is,then I can’t let that out of my skin because I’ve loved and lost before …

I’m sorry I dunno how to take in well compliments because the last time someone said I looked good,kids made fun of me in school because I wore mama’s woven sweaters..at least that’s the much we could afford..

I’m sorry I can’t let you take me to expensive places.I’m afraid I’ll make a fool out of myself;I can hardly use all the cutleries they tag along with meals …the fork,the spoon,knife….I mean,why do I need the whole kitchen just for a single meal ??

I’m sorry I can’t let you look at me that way…the last time someone did that,,I thought I could see the world right through their eyes..but it crumbled …

I’m sorry if sometimes I dunno what to say ,somethings are better off left unspoken..

And sometimes like now,I don’t even know what to write…I could scribble down my whole heart but still not find the right words …keep telling myself,maybe we can try again tomorrow but oh well,it never gets any better …So today,I tried to at least write to you after months of longing and yearning ;tell you I missed you but I still can’t put it out there…

I didn’t even get to share my new years with you,my resolutions ,bad days and long nights..and I somehow wish we could just sit at a table and talk over coffee…hear you whining about your last breakup and school work…let’s laugh about anything and everything and at the end of the day,go home feeling like it was the best time in our lives after such a long time …

Sometimes,I wish you could read through my heart …if only you knew how much its concealed !!So you won’t have to ask,what happened to your musings,writings ?! And I can only smile because I have nothing to say…


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  1. Open your heart love…Glad you’re back 🙂


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